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eHarmony UK Review (2020)

eHarmony UK Dating Website Review: Find Love Today

According to their website, ‘on average, every 14 minutes someone finds love on eHarmony’.

They focus on quality matches over quantity, using an extensive and highly detailed questionnaire during signup to try to determine exactly the kind of person you’re after. This company was founded in 2000 with the intention of helping find couples long time relationships.

They claim that a lot of science goes into creating their love matches; there are 29 stages of compatibility that they consider when sending you your matches, so it really seems like the real deal when it comes to online dating.

If you’re new to eHarmony and want to learn more, check out our review to see what we discovered…

eharmony uk dating site review

Pros & Cons


  • The hassle is taken out of finding matches as Eharmony do the hard work by creating your matches. Their list of pre-determined questions makes the experience much less time consuming for you, too.
  • They have an Eharmony dating advice site, which is full of handy tips and hints to help you find success and get the best experience from the site.
  • It’s great for producing serious matches that can lead onto marriage.

X Cons:

  • Like many other dating sites, the free service is so limited there’s really not much point in using it.
  • Even though it’s comprehensive, the questionnaire is pretty long and time consuming, so you really have to stick with it.
  • You can’t message anyone that Eharmony hasn’t produced as a match, so it can feel a bit limited at times.

How many users are on eHarmony?

  • UK members: 4 million people
  • Worldwide: 60 million people
  • Gender proportion: 51% Male and 49% Female

What age group is eHarmony for?

How old should you be to use eHarmony? The majority of its members are between the ages of 26 – 65.

How does eHarmony work?


According to Cheddar.com, this app is an innovator in its time, eHarmony’s long compatibility questionniare is aimed to help match users based on interests, personal goals and also questions like, “What makes you laugh most?”

eHarmony sends daily curated matches of singles they believe you’ll want to get to know, all of whom share the same interests and personality traits as you. From here, you can choose to message whoever takes your fancy (as long as you have subscribed).

You won’t get loads of matches a day as eHarmony focuses on quality matches over quantity, and there’s no option for browsing through profiles so realistically your matches should share at least some of the attributes you’re looking for.

how does eharmony work


Sign up process for eHarmony

Eharmony signup

How does eHarmony sign up work?
  1. Create your profile, choosing a username and password.
  2. Take the Relationship Questionnaire. It’s quite long and comprehensive, but it’s a really important step so be sure to answer accurately and honestly as this is what Eharmony will use to create your matches.
  3. Start receiving matches. At this point they’ll prompt you to maybe sign up with a membership, so you can start messaging the singles you like the look of.

As one user remarks,

I filled out an incredibly long questionnaire that seemed worse than a college application. I even had to pay for it. My expectations were low, even zero. I highly doubted I would meet anyone and, in the far-fetched chance I did, what are the chances I would successfully online date?

Find her full story here (she finds love).



Ease of use

Really, it’s incredibly easy to use as eHarmony does all the hard work for you. They send compatible matches straight to your profile, so you don’t have to worry about browsing through lots of profiles to find someone you like.

By having eHarmony do the match making, there’s a much higher chance that you’ll have something in common with them. It’s the perfect way to online date if you’re busy and don’t have time to browse through multiple profiles a day.


Making contact, live chat, messaging & notifications on eHarmony

eharmony.co.uk messages chat

You can only make contact with singles that eHarmony has matched you with. And you need to be subscribed in order to send your first message on eHarmony.

Once you are subscribed, you’ll also able to send a little ‘icebreaker’, which is usually a smiley face, so it’s a less daunting way to say hello.

There are also a series of pre-determined questions you can ask your match too, which is a great way to start a conversation if you’re not quite sure what to say.

Profile quality

eharmony new matches today

Why should I complete my profile?

Your Profile is important because it is the first impression your matches will receive and its a great opportunity to get a match’s interest. Taking the time to fill out your profile will help give potential matches more details about your hobbies and interests.

eHarmony dating app download for mobile

eharmony app favourites

Is there an app for eHarmony? Yes, the Eharmony mobile dating app is available and free on pretty much any smart device, so it’s well worth downloading for dating on the go.

eHarmony members who’ve completed the Relationship Questionnaire can use their iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Droid to review matches, communicate and even upload photos

It’s really sleek and easy to use, and gives a great snapshot of other member profiles with just one click.


Real life user reviews for eHarmony UK

We’re getting married -- I met my fiancé on eHarmony and we’re about to get married later on this year. The site even worked for my first cousin who met his partner and got married last September.

What I particularly like about this site compared to other dating websites is that they get you to fill in a lengthy questionnaire when joining about your personality and other aspects and so they match like with like and so my fiancé and I already had a lot in common before meeting up for the first time.

Many thanks eHarmony for getting us together. I couldn’t have done it without your assistance.

From uk.trustpilot.com, 2019

Key features

  • A completely personalised dashboard.
  • What If feature. What is the What If feature? This allows you to view 30 profiles a day of singles you haven’t been matched with, but could still be deemed compatible with.
  • The Two Of You Together – a great feature which shows you why you’ve been matched with someone and exactly what makes you compatible.

Special features

  • Eharmony secure call. For an extra monthly fee, you can call your matches without revealing your phone number, making it a safe way to connect.
  • You can purchase a thing called Spotlight, which makes you appear at the top for your matches to discover.

eharmony compatibility levels

Is eHarmony safe?

eHarmony claims to take reporting seriously -- their Trust and Safety team will review each reported profile to determine what (if any) action to take. Any suspicious activity can be reported tomatchconcerns@eharmony.com.

Their block feature is great to keeping your profile safe and secure, too. It’s a huge benefit having secure call too to keep users safe – it’s just a shame you have to pay for it.

How much does it cost? eHarmony UK Prices for 2020

eHarmony subscription & membership cost:

How much does it cost to go on eHarmony? You can pay the eHarmony membership cost in one lump sum or spread the cost in monthly instalments. Double check your account settings however, as auto-renew is likely to be turned on by default, so your membership will automatically continue once your initial membership runs out.

eharmony uk questions ice breakers

The subscription includes access to the following additional features:

  • Send and receive emails to your matches.
  • See when your matches are logged in.
  • View unlimited images and request photos from your matches.
  • See who’s viewed your profile.
  • Use the app.

Discount code, offers, UK promo code & coupon code for 2020

On the ‘About Eharmony’ section of their website, there’s a link to the ‘Latest Eharmony promo code’, so they’re very forthcoming in offering some kind of discount.

At the time of writing, they were offering a 12 month subscription for £9.95 a month by using the promo code stated on the page. If you do a Google search too, you can often find money off vouchers to use against subscription.

Can you go on Eharmony for free? Free trial codes & joining for free

There’s no free trial as such, but Eharmony gives the option to try some of their features for free during signup to see if you’d like to become a member. You can also cancel your membership after 14 days without charge if it’s not for you.

You’ll have to call them though and tell them why you want to leave, so don’t delay as after 14 days you’ll have to pay the full subscription charge.

Is eHarmony a good dating site?

eharmony success stories

We’d give Eharmony a respectable 3.7 out of 5. The website is impressive and super easy to use, with inspiring imagery and success stories throughout. The science behind the questionnaire is interesting, throwing up some really decent matches – remember, quality over quantity.

There are two ways to look at the matching system. It’s a useful way of dating if you lead a busy life with no time to browse through multiple profiles a day. But, not being able to search through member profiles can be limiting if you’re not receiving the matches you’re looking for.

It’s also really expensive in the short term, so you have to be sure you want to commit to get the best savings. However, there are discount codes and money off vouches available quite regularly on Eharmony, which is a bonus if you want to give it a go.

  • Popularity
  • Features
  • Value
  • Safety
  • Ease of Use

Join Eharmony.co.uk today


What is the divorce rate for eHarmony?

According to an interview with Bloomberg, the divorce rate of married couples who met on eHarmony is just 3.86%, while the national U.S. average is 50%, according to the American Psychological Association.

eharmony activity updates

What is the difference between standard matches and compatible matches?

Standard Matches are only based on your Match Preferences (age, distance etc). Compatible Matches are for those who completed the Relationship Questionnaire.

How can I see only matches that are compatible with me?

To see compatible matches, you need to first complete the Relationship Questionnaire. Once this has been completed, you will begin go get compatible matches which can be found by their green “compatible” badge.

eharmony uk trusted dating site

How does eHarmony match its members?

The matching process is based on 29 Dimensions of Compatibility, which their research shows make up the cornerstone of a successful relationship.

What is eHarmony’s position on interracial matches?

Ethnicity and race have no role in eHarmony’s patented Compatibility Matching System. This matches people based on personality, interests, attitudes and values.

What is message tracker?

Message tracker is a feature offered with a premium subscription. This feature notifies you via email when any messages you sent has been read by your match. You will also see a time stamp in your communication history and a notification in your activity feed for that match.

eharmony relationship questionnaire

How do I communicate with a match?

1. Log into your account
2. From your My Matches page, click on your match’s name to see their profile
3. From your match’s Profile page, click the “Message” button to go into the Message tab.

How can I hide or block matches?

You can “hide” matches you don’t want to communicate with. Follow these steps -- 1. Click on the Matches tab, 2. Hover over the title of the match you want to Hide and 3. Click on the option to ‘Hide This Match” beneath their title.

Does eHarmony perform background checks on members?

As disclosed in the Terms and Conditions of Service, eHarmony does not currently conduct background checks on members as there is no completely fail safe method for detecting such users.

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