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Elite Singles UK Review (2020)

Elite Singles UK Review: Learn About One of the UK’s Top Dating Websites

Boasting a love match every 8 minutes, Elite Singles claims to be ‘one of the UK’s best dating sites for educated singles’, tapping into the professionals’ market which is full of busy people leading demanding lives, who rarely find time to date outside of the internet.

With its extensive personality test and search preferences, the site is designed to create top quality matches, leaving users more likely to find long term love.

We’re rounding up the key features of Elite Singles to review how easy it is to use and how likely you are to find a love match, to give you the lowdown on whether it’s right for you.

Pros & Cons


  • Elite Singles automatically removes inactive users, meaning you’re only matched with engaged users who are more likely to respond if you’re matched.
  • There’s no searching through endless profiles – Elite Singles send you exactly what you’re after.
  • The ‘have you met’ is a nice added feature, allowing you to see profiles of singles you haven’t quite matched with through your preferences and personality test.

X Cons:

  • The free version is very limited, so you’ll have to pay to get a better user experience.
  • The premium membership options are expensive, and you have to pay upfront so you can’t spread the cost.
  • Some of the questions on the personality test are repetitive and tricky to answer, so you really have to be patient and answer accurately to get the best matches.

Elite Singles members -- who uses this dating site?

Most singles on Elite Singes are well educated, with around 87% (or 2 thirds) of members having earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher. The majority of members are between the ages of 30 and 55, and are considered ‘professionals’ from hard-working backgrounds. What age is Elite Singles for? Average age? Over 90% of users are over 30.

  • Number of members: There are approximately 2 million people using Elite Singles in the UK and over 30 million worldwide.
  • Member activity: 900,000 users are active at least once a week.
  • Gender ratio: 56% women and 44% men

How does Elite Singles work?

Elite Singles Profile

Elite Singles how does it work?

The premise of Elite Singles is pretty simple; they aim to pair you with like-minded individuals who match your preferences and personality traits, which are determined through completing tests (more on this below) to determine the type of person you’re after.

Once you’ve signed up, you’re sent 3 to 7 potential compatible partners a day who meet your requirements. There’s also a whole range of expert dating advice on the website to give you a helping hand.


Sign up process

There are three key steps to signing up and it’s pretty simple to do, although it does take a little bit of time and patience to complete the entire process:

1. Register

Here you’ll be able to create your personal profile, adding up-to-date images and a little bit of information about yourself so other singles can get to know you a bit better.

2. Undertake the personality test

There are 200 questions to answer at this point, which is key to helping you receive compatible partner matches when you begin to use the site.

This is designed to really analyse your personality traits, including your neurotic-ism, agreeableness, extroversion, conscientiousness, and openness. It’s been developed by expert psychologists, so it’s pretty extensive and incredibly detailed.

It takes around 20 minutes to complete, but you can always save your progress and go back to it later.

3. Complete your search preferences

From the ideal age to likes, dislikes and how far your potential match is from your location, it’s here you enter your search preferences so you can be paired with singles who tick your boxes.

The more in-depth your answers the better your matches will be, so it’s well worth spending a bit of time on this section to highlight exactly what you’re looking for.

Once all three steps are complete, you’ll start receiving matches which takes all the information you’ve entered this far into consideration.

Ease of use

One you’ve gone through the sign up process, Elite Singles starts to do the hard work by finding and sending your compatible partners, so it’s really easy if you don’t have time to search through profiles you might like yourself. It just takes a lot of time and patience to complete sign up.

Making contact, messages & notifications

elite singles uk chat messages

Making contact with potential matches is really simple. If you’re a free member, you can click ‘Like’ on the person’s profile or use the 5 questions feature, which uses 5 pre-populated questions to help you get to know your match a little better.

For paying members, you can send your match a standard message, use the 5 questions or you can send them as many emails as you like.

Elite singles dating app for mobile

Elite Singles Mobile App

How does the Elite Singles UK app work?

The app is a great addition for dating on the go and can be downloaded free of charge from iTunes or Google play.

After downloading, you can register through the app by submitting your email, choosing a password and completing the personality test. 

The design is sleek and easy to navigate, and it’s been optimised for mobile use, so the technology used is completely up to date.

The menu provides a great overview of your matches, profile visitors, messages and profile settings.

App features include:
  • Sending your matches a smile
  • Upload a photo to your profile
  • Push notifications giving you real-time updates when someone is interested in your profile
  • Get in touch with Customer Care directly from the app
  • In-app purchases give you the ability to access Premium features
  • A subscription on the website will also unlock Premium features on the app
  • App subscriptions managed from your iTunes or Google Play account
  • In-app purchases made directly to Google Play and iTunes


Real life user reviews UK

elitesingles.co.uk daily matches

Hello all you singletons, I have found this site is a numbers game. This was quoted by my new boyfriend .

I was fortunate to find my special man from the first few days of being on this site!
I joined in Sept and I have today, 27th Oct 2018 cancelled my membership….

I feel my photos portrayed what I loved and my true self!

Be honest and do put down what you want and don’t want.

Good luck everyone in finding your special man/woman.

From a very happy ex member
Sallyanne xx😍💕💕🌷

From uk.trustpilot.com

What can I say. I was a little hesitant at first as like eHarmony, Elite Singles supplies you with matches after you fill out a lengthy profile. I live in a fairly major city so a lot of matches were sent my way. […]

This was my first try at online dating and overall it was a good experience. I have met several men through Elite Singles and am currently dating one of them now. I was hesitant at first as my girl friends have used other dating services with mixed results.

They complained about scammers and the poor choice in men. I think you will find them on all services just like in real life. You just have to know what signs to look for and play it smart. […] In the end I am glad I choose this service.

From mashable.com/uk

Key features

On the app, you can see your matches straight away. You’ll see a red dot next to the matches you haven’t seen yet too, so they really stand out.

You can do everything you can on the desktop version too, so switching between the two is pretty seamless.

Special features

elite singles dating app

There’s an added ‘What if’ feature on the Apple iOS version, which gives you the chance to use filters to search for other singles you may not have been matched with. It gives you instant access to your profile too, which is really handy.


Safety & security

Elite Singles claims to keep your personal details safe and secure by encrypting your data so third parties can’t access it. You can also lock and secure the URL, and no third parties will be sent any of your data.

A great added bonus is that the Elite Singles team check all of the profiles before they’re uploaded, preventing fraud or any profile misuse.


What does Elite Singles cost to join? Prices & membership fee?

elite singles uk dating site review

How much do Elite Singles membership and subscription fees cost?

As well as a basic free service, there is an Elite Single Premium membership that you can purchase, ranging from 3 months to 12. The Elite Singles UK membership cost allows users access to the following:

-Unlimited site messaging
-Ability to view all photos from fellow members
-Access to the mobile app
-Confirmation when someone has read your message
-In-depth personality profile, leading to better matches
-Access to the ‘Have you met…’ feature, which produces up to 20 extra partner suggestions per day

How much does it cost to join Elite Singles?

It’s worth noting however that each option is billed in one lump payment. You’ve got 14 days to cancel, and after that you’re tied in for the duration you’ve chosen.

Discount code 2020, special offers & promo codes

It’s very rare that Elite Singles will offer any kind of promotion. However, once you sign up for membership you can sometimes find reduced-prices deals so you can try the site for less – keep your eye out for this.

Is Elite Singles free? Are there free trials?

Is Elite Singles free to use?

There are currently no free trials with Elite Singles UK but you can use the free service at any time; just expect a much more limited service than you’d get if you paid for the premium membership.

Is Elite Singles UK a good dating site?

Elite Singles is a solid 3.7 out of 5. Overall it’s very easy to use – the hardest part is filling out the personality test, which admittedly does get a bit tedious and repetitive after a while.

But if you stick with it, it’s a real bonus getting matches sent straight to your profile instead of having to spend every evening searching through a tonne of profiles to find what you’re looking for.

Elite Singles is expensive, but its biggest target is the professionals market, so arguably this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

There are a range of great features, like being able to search for singles outside of your preferences if that’s what you want, but 3-7 matches may not be a lot if you have someone specific in mind.

  • Popularity
  • Features
  • Value
  • Safety
  • Ease of Use

Join Elite Singles today


How do I change my preferences?

Your preferred matching criteria can be adjusted by going to ‘Preferences’ via the ‘Matches tab or from the menu in the top bar.

You can then adjust the criteria by: selecting an option from a drop-down menu, marking a box to make your selection or adjusting the slider to determine the importance of that criteria.

How do I edit my profile?

To edit your profile, go to your Profile on the menu at the top bar and: 1. Click/tap the pencil, 2. Submit your changes, 3. Save

elitesingles.co.uk member profile woman

How can I change my age, height or profile name?

You cannot change the following via your profile: display name, date of birth, height, gender, searched gender.

If you made a mistake when first entering these details, please contact Customer Care to help you update.

How do I manage my photos?

To manage your photos, simply go to your profile and select the ‘Gallery’ tab. From here you can drag photos, upload new ones, take a ‘selfie’ or even connect with Facebook.

How do I change my email address?

You can change your email address on the website or the app. Follow these steps: 1. Go to ‘My Account’ on the menu and click/tap in the ‘Email’ field, 2. Enter your new email address, 3. Confirm your new email address and save.

elite singles keep track

How do I change my password?

Change your password through the website or app. 1. Navigate to ‘My Account’ from the menu and click/tap the ‘Password’ field, 2. Enter your current password and 3. Enter your new password, confirm and save.

How can I deactivate matching?

If you would like to deactivate matching this can be done on your account on the website. Switch off matching by: 1. Navigating to ‘My account’ via the menu, 2. Scrolling down to ‘Matching settings’ and 3. Clicking the toggle next to ‘Matching is enabled’. It should then appear as ‘Matching is disabled’.

Where can I find my matches?

You can find your matches by clicking on ‘Matches’. To find those who have visited your profile, click on ‘Visitors.

How does the matching score work?

The matching score offers an indication of compatibility. However, you are of course encouraged to contact anyone you might be interested in.

elite singles matches favourites

How do I contact Customer Care?

You can contact Customer Care from Monday to Friday (9am to 6pm GMT+1. This can be done via the contact form available on help pages, fax to +49 30 991 949 5 32 or a letter to the following Customer Care EliteSingles, Spark Networks Services GmbH, Kohlfurter Strasse 41/43, 10999 Berlin, Germany

How do I register and sign up?

Complete the registration form on the Elite Singles homepage.

This is done by:

1. Entering your gender, the gender you would like to match with, your email address and a password,

2. Reading the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy,

3. Selecting ‘Get started’ to begin the personality test, and

4. Using your first name when prompted to select a username. Your profile will become activated immediately after completing the personality test.

elite singles app sign in

How does the personality test work?

Elite Singles designed the personality test while working closely with relationship experts and psychologists.

This is based on the Five Factor Model theory of personality traits that have been established on the psychological model developed by McCrae and Costa in 1992.

How is the personality test structured?

This test is broken into sections where you will be asked questions about your attitude towards relationships, personality traits and communication skills.

Tests are collated and compared to other members and any compatible matches are selected according to your preferences.

elitesingles.co.uk meet singles near you

How long should it take to complete the personality test?

It should take you at least 45 minutes to complete the test. Answer as honestly as possible.

Please keep in mind you are able to interrupt the test and continue later by clicking ‘Save progress and log out’. When you login again, you just need to start where you left off.

Where can I find the results of the personality test?

To find your results, select the ‘Personality’ tab on your profile to find a description for each trait.

You can find more detail on each trait by selecting the corresponding icons. You can also find a diagram which will provide a visualisation of your results.

How do I get matched with other members on Elite Singles?

After completing the personality test, the matching algorithm will search the member database to find you compatible matches.

This will take into account the answers given during your personality test and the Preferences that you selected. You are unable to search the website for members as Elite Singles does the work for you.

elitesingles.co.uk match preferences

How long to review your profile?

Your profile is usually approved within 24 hours.

How do I log in and log out?

If you are already registered follow these steps: 1. Visit the homepage, 2. Enter your email and password into ‘Log-in for members’ and 3. Select Log In

What should I do if I forget my password?

If you forgot your password, you can request a new password on the homepage or anywhere you see ‘Forgotten your password’ or ‘Request a new password’.

How can I contact a match?

You can contact a match by: sending a personalised message, sending a ‘Smile’, comment on or ‘like’ a profile entry or photo, sending a photo request or even a visit to their profile will let your match know you’re interested.

How does the ‘Messages’ feature work?

The ‘Messages’ feature allows you to access the communication history between you and your matches.

You can click on the match’s name to open the messages window. This includes personalised messages, comments and ‘likes’, smiles and photos.

elite singles uk chat favourite singles

How can I increase my chances of being contacted by other members?

To increase your chances of sparking someone’s interest you should consider:

  • Completing your profile to 100% and including your interests
  • Adding up to 24 photos to your gallery
  • Initiating contact with your matches
  • Being active on a daily basis
  • Taking advantage of all the Premium features offered by a subscription

How does the ‘What if…’ feauture work?”

To use this feature, you must have the app downloaded. Then simply tap on the magnifying glass with the heart.

You will then be able to view profiles and contact members by messaging them. You are also able to set filters and search for new results.

How does the ‘Have you met’ feature work?

This feature includes members who missed out on being added to your regular matches because they didn’t meet one of your Preferences from the personality test.

With this feature you can see one profile at a time and choose to contact that match or discard the profile and move to your next match. If you send a message or a smile, this person will be added to your ‘Matches’ list.

How secure are my personal details?

Elite Singles believes in customer safety, privacy and care. For this reason, your information is treated with a high level of security. For details about personal information and data security, please visit their Privacy Policy.

How long is my personal data stored?

Your personal details are only stored for the duration of your membership. As soon as membership ends and your account is deleted, your personal data will be deleted.

How can I find my user ID (Secure Code)?

This can be found by going to ‘My Account’ on the menu, and then your Secure Code can be found under the heading ‘Personal details’.

elite singles uk members

How do I report a concern?

Elite Singles takes your online safely very seriously and provide guidelines on acceptable behaviour in their Terms and Conditions as well as their Code of Conduct.

If you would like to report messages:

1. Select the 3-dot menu and select ‘Report Messages,

2. Select the message(s) you wish to report by marking the box and

3. Clicking ‘Report this message’.

To report abuse:

1. tap the 3-dot menu on the member’s profile and

2. Tap ‘Report abuse’.

What does Premium membership include?

As a Premium member, you can enjoy the following features:
-- Personality test results explained in more detail
-- Be suggested to other Premium members more often
-- See who viewed your profile
-- Send and receive unlimited messages
-- Access to all your matches’ photos
-- Ability to comment on profiles and photos
-- The ‘Have you met?’ feauture with 20 more matches each day
-- Access to the Premium features on iOS and Android apps

How do I purchase a Premium membership?

Log in to your account and select ‘Become a Premium member’ and then select the offer you would like to buy and click ‘Continue’. You can pay by credit card or PayPal.

How do I cancel my Premium subscription?

You can turn off your automatic renewal of your Premium membership by going to the online cancellation form.

Once you are logged in,

1. Go to ‘My Account’ from the menu and ‘Membership’,

2. Select the cancellation link ‘Cancel’,

3. Select your cancellation reason and click ‘Continue’ and

4. Enter your password and click ‘Confirm’.

How do I get a refund?

If you would like a refund, get in touch with Customer Care to request this. You can contact them via email and must clearly state your request for a refund.

Before making your request be aware that your right to withdraw from your contract is valid for 14 days after the initial purchase of your subscription and renewed subscription will not be eligible for a refund.

What can I do with a free membership?

With a free membership you can use the features available to basic members. This includes: viewing your personality test results, receiving partner suggestions, sending smiles and likes and uploading photos.

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