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Best 8 Gay Chat Up Lines (Funny, Cheesy, Dirty & Romantic)

funny gay chat up lines

What are the best gay chat up lines to use?

Chat up lines can be cringey. We’ve all heard the worst of them – those eye-roll inducing, groan-enhancing one-liners that make you want to head for the door. However, what if chat up lines could be funny to make you smile, cheesy to show you can make fun of yourself, dirty to get your date in the mood, or romantic to show someone you care?

We’ve got 8 of of the very best gay chat up lines that you can use and — hopefully — find success with.

Funny gay chat up lines that work

1. “Excuse me, but does your mother need a son-in-law?”

Being bold sometimes works wonders — throwing a bit of cheeky humour into your chat up line will keep your match coming back for more.

Not only will this one make him smile, but it indicates you’re interested for the long haul, not just a casual fling.

2. “Let’s play a game, winner dates loser.”

Using a touch of wittiness is the perfect way to get your match’s attention. He won’t be able to resist your banter, and using a chat up line like this shows you have the humourous characteristics they’re looking for to have a great time with you.


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I hope you’re not a vegetarian… cuz I want to feed you some meat!

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Cheesy gay pick-up lines that work


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3. “Did it hurt when you fell from the vending machine? Cause you look like a snack!”

It never hurts to have a little fun with your chat up lines. This one isn’t over the top but it just lands on the right side of funny.

You’re also offering a nice little compliment, so whilst you may receive a gentle groan, your match will be flattered too.

4. “Hey, tie your shoes! I don’t want you falling for anyone else.”

Sometimes you have to make your chat up line stand out to get noticed. The ‘Hey’ serves to grab their attention, while the exclamation mark at the end of that sentence indicates urgency — your match isn’t going to want to pass you by. Yes, they might roll their eyes, but we bet they laugh, too.


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You’ve got 206 bones in your body, want one more?

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Dirty gay chat up lines that work

dirty gay chat up lines

5. “Are you a sea lion? ‘Cause I can see you lyin’ in my bed tonight.”

Okay, this chat up line’s pure cheese — but it has a dirty side, too. If you’re looking to ease your way gently into dirty talk then a chat up line that incorporates humour is a good place to start. It won’t scare your match off, and it gives you the opportunity to test the waters without going too far.

6. “Is your name homework? ‘Cause I’m not doing you but I should be.”

Once you know a match is up for talking dirty, this chat up line is both funny and a little bit outrageous  — the best of both worlds.

Make sure if you’re saying it aloud then you emphasis the pause at the end of the question for maximum effect. It’s probably best suited if you’re looking for a casual hookup but by being brave, you might just score yourself a cheeky night in…


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Is your name Oliver? Cause in a minute you’re gonna be Oliver this dick.

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Romantic gay pick-up lines that work

romantic gay chat up lines

7. “There are many fish in the sea but you’re the only one that’s caught my eye.”

This one is great if you’re serious about your match, and it works perfectly if you’re using Plenty of Fish, too.

It indicates you’re not talking to anyone else and opens the doors to a serious relationship if you both want it. This chat up line is sure to make him smile — or cringe — so be sure you’re saying it to the right person.

8. I’m no organ donor, but I’d be happy to give you my heart.

This chat up line is really simple but it’s incredibly sweet. If you’ve been speaking for a little while and feel ready to take it to the next level with your match, this is a great way of throwing it out there that you really care and that you’re interested in pursuing a serious relationship.

Be brave, take the plunge and use this chat up line to let him know how you feel. It could give you serious dating points.


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I just saw George Michael in the men’s room. He was asking about you.

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Meet other gay singles now to try these chat up lines today!

Wherever you are in your dating journey, these gay chat up lines are the perfect way to reflect both your personality and relationship status with your match. Whether you’re looking to take your relationship to the next level or guarantee a one night stand, try some of them today for guaranteed dating success.

Nice ass… what time does it open?

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